Via a reference from your practitioner I will contact you within a couple of weeks for a first appointment. During this appointment we will discuss your problems and your expectations for therapy. After that, a second appointment will be made, in which we discuss the conclusion of the intake, my advice for treatment and the diagnosis. A diagnosis is necessary for reimbursed care. We will discuss approximately how long treatment will take and how often we meet. All of this will be summarized in a treatment plan. If treatment within my practice is not fitting for your problems, we will discuss which help is more appropriate for you and where to get it.



After this, the treatment will start. Appointments will take approximately 45 minutes and usually take place every two weeks, depending on what is most suitable.


A diagnosis is necessary, to get the treatment reimbursed from your health insurance.

Murphy’s Law Psychology does not have any contracts with health insurance companies, but falls under the restitution care. This means, that not all costs of the treatment will be covered by your health insurance, depending on your insurance policy. Murphy’s Law Psychology advises a restitution policy, which usually fully covers the costs of treatment (with the exception of your compulsory deductible). When you don’t have a restitution policy, treatment will only be  covered partially. 






Unfortunately, not all problems/diagnoses are covered by your health insurance. For instance, adjustment disorders, sexual disfunctions, sleep disorders, work related problems or relationship problems.

When you want to be treated for problems not covered by your health insurance, Murphy’s Law Psychology applies the fixed rates by the Dutch Healthcare Authority of €128,40 per treatment session of 45 minutes or €151,07 per diagnostic consultation session.

Please note: Cancellation needs to happen at least 24 hours beforehand, either through an email or by phone. When this requirement isn’t met, Murphy’s Law Psychology is forced to charge you €64,20 for a treatment session or €75,50 for a diagnostic consultation session. It is not possible to get this reimbursed by your health insurance.